Thinking of my life

Getting no-way-out wild

It’s absurd and regrettable

That, I have no life

To be led by my choice

They say, “Be dutious”

Forget freedom, Don’t be odious

We are strict, can’t be lenient

To keep family’s honor

I am confined in a cage of restrictions

Where to resist is out of question

To break all these shackles

I have to be rebellious

But there’s no way out

They have zipped my mouth

I need to ensure my family’s pride

An obedient and a proud daughter

Smiling wide and dying inside

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About the Author

Mehwysh Awan

Mehwysh is a commerce graduate and micro blogger. She wants to be a voice for women who are facing hurdles in their lives. She has raised her voice for various issues on social media. She is a very active social media user and can be reached on twitter, facebook and instagram @Mischeify_M.

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