In recent years social media has become the main medium for sharing opinions and information. This is the main reason why individuals, companies and celebrities are active over social networking sites. Recently, Brands magazine published a list of the most influential Pakistani personalities of the year 2017 and the list did not come as a surprise at all. Imran Khan, the leader of youth, took the lead and following him was Mubasher Lucman and Malik Riaz who secured the second and third position respectively.

The Magazine shared factual findings consolidating the names on the list. With an extensive Twitter following of 4 million and along with 800,000 plus Facebook fans, Mubasher Lucman is the most followed anchor person in Pakistan. Lucman is known for his knack for truth.

Mubasher Lucman has been an unwavering candle of truth in the face of lies and deception and the flame is still going strong. When politicians spin false tales, he descends on them with his sharp witted tongue and the truth erupts for all to see. We’ve been seen these politicians talk about all the progress that never materialized. Only Lucman stands up and demolishes the walls of lies and so we can all see what’s within.

Shortly after the Magazine published this list, Mubasher Lucman’s fan took to twitter and helped to make him a trending topic.


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Sadaf Alvi

Sadaf Alvi is a final year medical student. She is a micro-blogger and a freelance writer. Her concentrations focus on feminism, religious extremism and social evils. She is active on social media and can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheGrumpyDoctor or you can email her:

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