Everyone seems to be terribly busy and people, these days, have very less free time on their hands. People have gotten so busy that it seems indeed a daunting task to find time for a three-and-a-half-hours long film. So, something much shorter has to do. A 60 seconds short film, perhaps? Let’s have a huge round of applause for 60 Second International Film Festival, which strives to provide you with the best selection of 60 seconds films, once a year.

60 Second International Film Festival (60SIFF) is a platform which attracts young filmmakers from all over the world to step up and film their thoughts in 60 seconds on any of the given categories. 60SIFF operates to empower the youth and to create awareness about global issues. It forms a community of participants and viewers. Every year we are one step closer to bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties among today’s youth.

60SIFF was initiated in Pakistan and in the first round, the festival received a response of more than 200 films. The second term of the festival, announced as an international entity, received approximately 400 film entries from over 40 countries. 60SIFF has been franchised by organizations in different countries and is invited to screen the films internationally as well.


– Increase the confidence level of young talent
– Improve understanding of deep-rooted issues
– Create positive learning experiences
– Creative integration of social issues
– Advocate social change


This year’s theme revolves around folk stories that will cover folklore, poetry, music, food and craft.

Submission deadline:

The submission deadline is approaching. If you have a film on the theme of Folk Stories, submit it now here.

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Sadaf Alvi

Sadaf Alvi is a final year medical student. She is a micro-blogger and a freelance writer. Her concentrations focus on feminism, religious extremism and social evils. She is active on social media and can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheGrumpyDoctor or you can email her:

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