I came back from a very tiring day at university and saw my twitter newsfeed flooding with different posts on the topic #HaarKoHarao. Anxiously, I clicked on the hashtag to know more and found out that that this campaign was based on Surf Excel’s new TVC. Surf Excel, a renowned brand, has changed the tagline of its decade long digital campaign from “Daagh to ache hote hain” to “Haar ko harao”.

Watch how little Haroon and his team mates refused to give up even after losing a 5th consecutive cricket match. Aur agar haar ko harane mein daagh lag jain tou daagh tou achhe hain!

Surf Excel’s new TVC shows a team of young cricket players having a conversation with their coach after losing five matches in a row. The coach is disappointed and instead of telling the team to try harder, he quit and walks away. As the coach leaves the field, Haroon decides to convince the coach to return by conveying that giving up is not an option.

This TVC carries a very powerful message that kids are unknown to the concept of failure or giving up. It’s we, the adults, who teach them about giving up. Also, that failure is not a bad thing, giving up and being too ashamed or afraid to try again is.

Surf Excel’s “Haar Ko Harao” campaign transcends into the real world to help address a real parenting challenge. Parents, these days, are very protective of their children. They are willing to go to greater lengths to protect them from the pain of failure. In an attempt to protect their children from the heartbreak of failure, they unintentionally teach them giving up.

Surf Excel believes that failure is not a bad thing and it can actually prove to be beneficial for kids. It will help them develop coping mechanism, emotional resilience, creative and out of the box thinking and the ability to collaborate in future. Adults have to stop seeing failure as a disappointment and instead have to see it as an opportunity for their child to say, ‘I can deal with this. I’m strong’.

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