Lahore is considered as one of the culinary titans of Pakistan and is famous for traditional treats. I was recently invited to Food Panda’s Bites and Vibes and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss the great event. Here’s a little review of what I experienced at this stellar event:

Bites of food from Lahore’s best restaurants: 

It was like visiting several top-notch restaurants from all over the city – all in one night. I can’t say we had one bite of food that wasn’t extremely impressive. We even went for seconds, and thirds.

And the drinks, on the 7-up stall, were all amazing.


Unique food you may never try otherwise :

The best thing about this event was that there was something for everyone. Whether you’re a pure vegetarian or a meat lover, almost every type of food under the sun was available at our fingertips at this event. We sampled some of the finest, one of a kind dishes including the special butter chicken karahi and tikkas.

The picturesque atmosphere:

The location for Bites and Vibes couldn’t have been more ideal, held at the Royal Palm’s multiple acres of beauty. The green grass, twinkling lights, aroma of Lahore’s finest food with festive music in the background, felt like we had been transported to some magical realm.

The perfect weather:

November in Lahore is one of the most delightful months of the year. Food Panda could not have picked a more perfect time of year to have this event. The little cold, as the winter is starting to set in, the beautiful sun set, aroma of food being cooked, flames, fire and the fog which cooled it to the perfect temperature.

Soulful music:

The music played at this festival was fantastic. While hopping around from one stall to another eating and drinking our hearts out, we got the most glorious background sound of music.

A few more photos, all from yours truly:

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