This weekend me and my best friend went to Bites and Vibes – a food event in Lahore. It was organized by Food Panda, my favorite food brand! They mailed me two tickets & as you can tell by the photos I’m gonna share, it was so much fun!

November 12th marked my first-ever official food fest in Lahore, and lucky for me and all the people who attended Bites and Vibes, it was a totally flawless event.

While I wouldn’t call us experts just yet, Iqra and I are no strangers to food festivals. We have been to several around the country, and I am here to tell you all, Bites and Vibes is a culinary force to be reckoned with.

Upon stepping out of my car to enter Bites and Vibes, my mouth automatically started watering. The atmosphere was thick with steam, oil, and smoke from the countless dishes on grills. Waiting for the chefs to prepare my meal was nothing short of torture but it was one well worth waiting for.

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