About me

I am a twenty-something year old woman who is trying to shake loose the bad habit of saying “yes” too much. Trying and failing to avoid the quarter-life crisis and here to share all those inevitable embarrassing moments that I can’t quite laugh about just yet.

Like most people my age, I am struggling with finding my place in this world and am hoping that by hashing out my feelings on my online journal, I will eventually figure it out. I have a passion for raw, honest and vulnerable writing and there’s no better feeling than knowing something I have written has evoked emotion in someone else. I’m a social media influencer, a micro-blogger and a freelance writer and here are some of my selected works for various publications online.

Hi! This is me.

I’m a final year medical student and I aim to work in education and health care and also with the victims of social and physical abuse. I’m passionate about serving disadvantaged inner-city communities and am interested in addressing the pervasive urban violence culture. I also have plans to improve access to quality health care in Pakistan. In my personal life, I enjoy reading, music, movies, and sports.

I’m a reader and both reading and writing provide me a means of escape. Sometimes life can be confusing, tough or just plain old boring. Reading and writing helps me break away from everyday life for a brief moment and be part of another world. For me, the most gratifying part of writing is to know that reading my stories have interested or inspired someone in any way so I’m looking forward to hearing any thoughts you’re willing to share.

Can’t say I’ll be dishing out advice but if I only leave you with one piece, here it is: Don’t make bets you’re not ready to follow through with in the near future.